Is my baby getting enough milk? What am I doing wrong?

What is cluster feeding (also known as why my little person is still hungry)?

relax. Cluster feeding is normal, experts say. The reasons why this happens are not clear (it could be due to baby growth jumps, increased milk supply or babies who just want more attention), but usually, there is no need for parents to be worried or supplement with a formula. Your baby is one smart (and adorable) cookie that instinctively knows how much milk she needs – listens to her and feed her as often as she wants.

Cluster feeding is a common phenomenon. Medical warning signs will be if the baby looks sick, has a weak sucking or cries, or is not gaining weight properly. These indicate that she may not be getting enough calories. Another way to estimate if your baby is getting enough milk is by monitoring his weight gain (your baby’s doctor will do it for you) and his diapers (once your baby is five days old, you should expect to see five to six soaking wet diapers every day, Says the American Academy of Pediatrics ). I realized that? You are doing nothing wrong, but talk to your pediatrician if you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above or if you are still worried. And remember, there are plenty of breastfeeding resources you can take advantage of if you have any questions.

How to deal with cluster feeding

When your body is working overtime, be sure to take care of yourself – that means staying hydrated, eating properly and sleeping as much as possible (easier said than done, we know). And do not be afraid to enlist help – you may be the only one who can breastfeed your hungry baby, but your partner can help make sure you are comfortable while doing so. Top tip: Keep a basket of snacks, water, remote control and some reading material in standby mode and grab it whenever you feel like a long total feeding is coming. 

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