How to stop puppy biting

If your dog bites everything in the house when left alone and you don’t know what to do anymore, maybe Ultima can help you. In this article, we explain the possible causes and solutions for this annoying behavior problem. In the following article, we get to know about stop puppy biting So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys.
The destructive behavior of dogs is frequent and problematic due to the material damage it causes. In addition, it can be dangerous for the animal’s health, which could injure itself or ingest materials unsuitable for digestion.

Why does your dog bite everything at home

Some people rush to the vet with the question, “My dog ​​bites everything. What can I do?” The truth is that there is no single answer, each case is unique, and the source of the problem can be different.

But, in general, what can be said is that dogs bite and chew to relieve stress and reduce anxiety. 

Chewing helps relieve stress.

Chewing is a natural way of releasing stress for dogs: it promotes the release of endorphins, a type of neurotransmitter linked to feelings of pleasure and well-being.

In short, chewing causes your dog to release endorphins, reduce stress, relax and feel better. 

So, if your dog bites into everything when he is home alone, it indicates that his level of stress or anxiety in that situation is too high. Let’s see what the cause could be:

1- Lack of physical and mental stimulation 

Sometimes, what causes a dog to bite everything is a lack of physical or mental stimulation. 

Not all dogs need the same level of daily exercise, and not all need the same degree of cognitive stimulation. Young dogs and puppies, or working breeds such as Border Collies, Malinois, German Shepherds, etc., require a lot more dedication in this regard. Both his body and mind need high doses of activity and, if they don’t get it, they can channel the energy accumulated by chewing on objects found in the house. 

A bored dog, or a lacking dog exercise, can very well end up destroying the house. It is his way of releasing the energy he has within himself. 


Puppies have a much higher energy requirement than adult dogs. It happens just like with children. stop puppy biting That’s why it’s a classic for families who have just adopted a puppy to go to the vet and ask, “My dog ​​bites everything. What’s the solution?”

As ethologist Alba Benitez explains: ” A puppy that doesn’t get the doses of exercise and mental stimulation it needs is usually a puppy that is described by its human family as very bad. In fact, what happens is that your body looks for natural ways to release that amount of stored energy. Biting is a way to release it . “

2- Separation Anxiety Disorder

Another cause that may answer your question, “Why does my dog ​​bite everything in the house” is separation anxiety. 

Canine separation anxiety is a severe and relatively common problem. Suppose your dog starts to get anxious as soon as he notices that you will leave him alone at home. In that case, he will not keep calm in your absence, destroy objects, furniture, etc. and, if he barks and goes to his house when you are not around, he is very likely suffering from a separation anxiety disorder. 

Having their human family close is essential for some dogs because it is the only way they feel safe, secure, and relaxed. When this happens, stop puppy biting it is called hyper-attachment. When the level of hyper attachment is very high, a separation anxiety disorder can develop. 

A dog with this type of problem cannot cope with the separation of his human reference and experiences it with anxiety. His way of releasing accumulated stress is often to bite into everything he finds within his reach. 

Often, dogs suffering from this disorder exhibit destructive behaviors when left alone at home as they seek a way out to meet their human friend again. They can destroy doors, windows, shutters, etc. And it must be clear that they are not doing it out of revenge, as some belief, but out of anxiety and fear. 

Solutions if your dog bites everything at home

The solutions for so-called destructive behaviors differ from case to case. 

If boredom or lack of physical activity is the cause, you will need to put a plan in place to give your dog what he needs: 

  • Increase the frequency, duration, and, most importantly, the quality of walks with your dog. 
  • Put in your schedule an hour each day to play with your dog. 
  • Use interactive toys and intelligence games. You will find them in specialized stores.
  • Plan sniffing games with your dog, at home, and on the walk. stop puppy biting That is, ask your dog to use his nose to find a toy, spread treats on the grass in the park so that he has to look for them, etc.
  • Before leaving your dog alone at home, take a good walk and make sure it ends in peace. In other words, if you take your dog to play with other dogs in the park. Then take the opportunity to take a walk back. And let him sniff the way to relax and lower his arousal level. 
  • Buy him a bite-sized game or an interactive game-like. Kong that will entertain him in your absence. 

Another good idea if your dog bites into everything. When left alone is to sign up for an agility class or some other canine. Sport with which you think you and your dog can have fun and burn energy. 

If the cause is separation anxiety

When the source of destructiveness in the home is separation anxiety, the solution is always to consult a specialist. 

Consult your veterinary center for advice on a clinical ethologist who can analyze your dog’s specific case and provide personalized treatment. 

Treatment for separation anxiety usually combines behavior modification therapy with pharmacotherapy and the use of pheromones. 

We hope we have answered your question, “My dog ​​bites everything, what can I do?” If you want to know more about dog care, you can take a look at our blog. 

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