How to make paper cranes

This master class will tell you how to make a paper crane with your own hands in a few minutes using a simple scheme. make paper cranes This origami with your own hands can be made with your child. Of course, the child needs your help. Follow the suggested pattern and follow each step.

Step 1. From the prepared square, we form an origami paper crane. For this, we first fold the opposite corners towards each other, smooth it out well and unfold it into its original position. Then we connect the opposite sides of the square (see picture below), iron the folds well, and develop them to their original state.

Step 2. And here in front of you is another square (unfold the workpiece). First, fold two opposite horizontal corners at the same time to the bottom corner. Then we fold the top corner to the same bottom corner (see the picture below). It turned out to be a diamond.

Step 3. Then we fold the opposite corners to the middle, iron them well and then unfold them again. Then we bend the top corner towards the center, iron it well, too, and turn it to its original position.

Step 4: Next, we grab the bottom corner and lift it to join the insides (see picture below).

Step 5. Then we bend back the little side corners to make an elongated diamond. Then bend the opposite corners of the diamond towards the middle so that the back of the origami becomes visible to us.

6 step. We bend the back part of the origami, which has opened towards us, backward to get an elongated diamond again, make paper cranes but already of a smaller size. Next, we cut the workpiece in the middle. Then we bend the lower parts of the paper in different directions and turn them to their original position.

7 step. After that, we bend the lower parts of the paper inward in different directions, and then we bend a corner on one of the parts. The result is a crane’s beak. Then we turn the top corners of the origami down. We have the wings of a crane.

So our volumetric crane with beak and wings is ready. You can experiment and make several single or multi-colored cranes, connect them to a garland and, for example, decorate a window. You can also make many such cranes, tie them together and use them as decorative curtains.

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